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Since almost 100 years the Quaini’s has being managing and live on Barbiselle Farm. At the beginning there was Lodovico, the farm founder with his wife Giannina and their seven sons. Paolo, one of them, followed him taking care of the farm, enlarging it and now,with his daughter Elisabetta, dimensioned the business for the future challenges.

The present goals are: high genetics,  excellent productivity and milk standards, good crops rotation, animal food quality, environment consciousness and care, good relationship and respect for the employees.
Our animals: milking Holstein cows, heifers and young bulls, horses, and Suffolk sheep live with us in a peaceful Cascina placed in the green Po Valley. The farm is around 250 hectares, entirely irrigable.

The core business is milk production, with 450 milking cows producing the milk that is delivered to the Cooperative Latteria Soresina for producing the famous PDO cheese Grana Padano.  
On the farm there are more than 1.000 cattle.
Horses, in particular trotters, are present on the farm that breeds them and brings them to the racing career. There is also a lab for making frozen semen and some stallions are present too.
A small flock of Suffolk sheep enriches the landscape.
Crops rotation are suited for the herd and includes corn for silage and corn wheat, ryegrass and tritticale. A large extension is dedicated to Alpha-Alpha. The farm is self sufficient and guarantees excellent crops.
Since December 2010, the farm has been equipped with a  photovoltaic (PV) system where solar panels are placed on building roof tops to produce green energy, mainly for the farm use and for decarbonisation of the farm activity.